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Material tracking solutions from OreTracker Australia

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OreTracker Australia , established in 2004, provides easy to use and low cost materials tracking. In surface mining operations, location tracking of the OreTracker mobiles is through GPS, while in common applications, standard precision GPS is used to determine the mobile position. For more demanding surface applications requiring tighter positioning, OreTracker caters for differential GPS reception.

When interworking with on-board equipment, OreTracker can be used to provide a cost-effective remote maintenance management solution through fleet component integration.

With the help of OreTracker system, all ore loads can be tracked to their correct destinations and misdumps can be prevented. The system provides electronic reconciliation of production data as well as real time monitoring of production efficiency.

OreTracker utilises GPS positioning to determine surface location. When the sky view is obstructed or underground, the system looks for radio beacons to establish the mobile location.

The OreTracker system can be easily integrated with third party reporting systems. The geology data provided by OreTracker system is dispersed to the mobile equipment for load allocations and then used to reconcile production targets with actuals.

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