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Wrapping machines from Orbital Wrap Systems

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Orbital Wrap Systems  provides a wide range of machinery that provides innovative wrapping solutions. The semi-automatic systems includes manual range and semi-automatic range machines.

The manual range M and SE 125 series offers economical wrapping solutions. It offers a film width of 70mm to 125mm. The significant features of this machine includes an inverter controlled wrapping ring, push button, simple control panel and 8 in and out feed idle rollers.

The semi-automatic range (S series) provides semi-automatic wrapping solutions. The important features of these wrapping machines include automatic film clamp and cut, programmable wrap cycle, push button, inverter controlled wrapping ring and 600 nm idle rollers.

Orbital Wrap Systems has also introduced automated systems. It includes different types of wrapping machines like fully automatic (125 Series), fully automatic (250 Series), total close fully automatic (TCA 125 Series) and total close fully automatic (TCA 250 Series). The first three types of wrapping machines provides fully automatic wrapping solutions while the 'total close' fully automatic (250 Series) offers fully automatic longitudinal wrapping solution.

Orbital Wrap Systems provides customised wrapping systems. It includes mobile orbital systems and heavy industrial orbital systems. The former gives semi and fully automatic mobile wrapping solutions for various large products while the later is used for fully automatic wrapping solutions in large projects.

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