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Wireless temperature monitor, alarm system from Orbit Communications

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article image TempSaver wireless temperature monitor / alarm system

Orbit Communications  has released TempSaver wireless temperature monitor / alarm system.

The TempSaver wireless temperature monitor / alarm system is designed to offer around-the-clock instant remote monitoring of temperature and/or humidity and water flow or level at remote shed locations.

The TempSaver wireless temperature monitor / alarm system was designed to provide peace of mind monitoring for chicken and other poultry farmers. The system has been designed and manufactured by Orbit Communications and is C-Tick approved for use within Australia.

The TempSaver wireless temperature monitor / alarm system offers farmers a system that consists of robust construction, is built upon proven wireless technology and offers ongoing dependable performance.

Each TempSaver remote temperature monitor / alarm system can have up to 255 Remote temperature monitoring units.

Each of the remote temperature monitoring unit has four inputs, that can monitor temperature or humidity and four digital inputs for monitoring water level or flow.

The TempSaver wireless remote temperature monitor / alarm system has a master control Unit that constantly monitors the inputs of all wireless remote temperature monitoring units and provides alarm functions for over temperature, under temperature, wireless link error, mains failure or low backup battery conditions.

The wireless master unit activates a local relay and LED indicator in event of an alarm condition being detected. In addition to the local temperature alarm function, the master control unit has an optional GSM dialer facility to send an alarm text message to any mobile phone.

The high temperature, low temperature , water level and water flow alarm levels can be set on the TempSaver master unit through keypad entry with simple on-screen navigation.

The alarms consist of a local alarm relay and LED indicator as well as optional GSM dialer that can call a mobile phone and report over/under temperature, RF link problem, low backup battery, mains failure alarms and restore conditions.


  • C-Tick approval for use within Australia
  • Up to 10km line of sight range between remote temperature monitor units and the master unit (extendable with optional repeater)
  • Built on proven wireless technology
  • Mains failure alarm
  • Low backup battery alarm
  • Onboard charger for backup battery
  • Wireless link error alarm
  • Over temperature alarm
  • Under temperature alarm
  • 0 degrees C to 50 degrees C range with 0.1 degrees C resolution (other ranges available on request)
  • Heavy duty, precision IP65 rated temperature probes with cable length up to 300m
  • High contrast 7-segment display on remote temperature monitor units provides instant temperature reading of any of the 4 channels in the shed
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Optional GSM dialer unit to send text messages to a mobile phone
  • Supplied complete with power supplies, backup batteries, temperature probes and antennas
  • Robust metal construction
  • History logging displays minimum and maximum temperatures, average temperatures and alarm events for day, month or year.


  • Peace of mind provided by instant alarm notification
  • Saves dollars installing long cables between house and sheds
  • Less prone to damage from near lightning strikes that can induce dangerously high voltages on long cable run across fields.
  • Can be relocated at any time as there are no cables to remove
  • Convenient master unit has been designed to either mount on a wall or be portable to move around as required
  • Helps protect your investment by letting you know the second that any of your shed temperatures are outside acceptable limits.
  • No ongoing monitoring or connections costs. The TempSaver remote temperature monitor / alarm system is free to air, there are no license fees required.

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