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Wireless Remote Tank Monitor and Pump Control

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Orbit Communications  announces the latest EverPump wireless tank monitor and pump control system.  

The EverPump wireless water tank monitoring and alarm system has been designed to offer dependable ongoing performance with up to 10km range between units. EverPump remote wireless pump control and tank monitoring system has an optional remote monitor/control unit that displays the current state of the tank and pump at a third location such as the farm house, and enables manual override remotely.  

For critical applications an optional GSM alarm dialer is available that enables a text message alert to be sent directly to any mobile phone in the event of an overflow, pump failure, link error etc.The system has been design for low power consumption making it suitable to be powered by renewable energy sources (such as small solar panel)  at remote locations.  

The system comprises a Remote Tank monitoring unit (Tank Unit) and a Pump control unit (Pump Unit). Typically float switches are placed into the Tank to indicate HIGH or LOW levels. When the Tank LOW level float is activated, the Pump unit will switch the Pump ON to fill the tank. Once the tank level activates the HIGH level float, the Pump unit switches the pump OFF.  

The radio telemetry link between the remote wireless tank unit and the wireless pump unit is continuously monitored. In the event of a radio telemetry fault (This could be due to power failure, lightning strike, antenna broken etc), A relay contact closes to indicate a communications error. This relay can be connected to a local audible or visual warning device.

The system can also be fitted with an optional GSM dialer that will send an alert message directly to your mobile phone in event of power failure (if battery backup is used), communications fault or overflowing tank (A third float switch can be added to indicate overflow, this means the pump did not switch OFF).

The wireless pump unit also has provision for a pressure switch input that can monitor the flow from the pump. In the event that the pump is commanded to switch ON and the pressure in the pipe is low after a time period (due to pump run dry or burst pipe), or the pump comma need to switch OFF but the pipe pressure is still high (or the pressure is above e certain limit to indicate a blockage) the unit will activate the alarm and switch the pump off.    

The EverPump wireless pump control and tank monitoring system also has provision for a Master Control unit that can be installed at the house. This unit displays the current state of the system, enables remote configuration of the system and allows manual over-ride of the Pump state. The Master unit also has a local alarm and GSM option to send an alert text message directly to your mobile phone.  

The wireless tank unit is also available with Analog input to enable an ultrasonic or pressure sensor to be used to determine the actual linear depth of the tank and therefore the volume of fluid in the tank.  

The EverPump wireless pump control and tank monitoring system can be expanded at any time. Multiple tanks and pumps can be monitored and controlled. Each Pump and Tank unit has 4 Digital inputs and 4 Relay outputs as well as local Power supply voltage monitoring circuitry and auxiliary RS232 serial port.

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