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Proximity Warning for vehicles and personnel

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Orbit Communications’ BodyGuard is a proximity warning system that provides an effective solution for warehousing and logistics centres involving forklifts and personnel working in close proximity.

The system offers continuous proximity detection and warning indication between moving objects and other moving object (such as vehicles and personnel).

BodyGuard sets up and invisible “shield” (proximity warning detection zone) around vehicles or equipment and activates a warning alarm whenever a vehicle or person is detection within the proximity warning detection zone. The alarm provides an audible and visual warning for the operator to take care as something or someone is in close proximity and therefore a risk of collision is possible.

The proximity detection zone can be user-programmed from around 3m to over 100m. This programmable detection zone ensures that the BodyGuard proximity warning system is flexible to be used in various applications.

The proximity warning system alarm deactivates automatically when the detected object moves outside the proximity warning detection zone again.

Vehicles are protected by installing the Vehicle proximity alarm unit in the cab. Personnel are protected by wearing a small BodyGuard™ TAG device. This device is detected by the forklift proximity warning alarm unit to warn the operator that a person is in close proximity to the vehicle.


  • These proximity sensors are designed and manufactured by Orbit Communications in Australia
  • Effective lowers risk of collision by alerting driver to potential hazards
  • Adds another layer of effectiveness to existing safety and risk management systems
  • User Programmable proximity detection and alert zone from around 3m to over 100m
  • Rugged IP66 rated weatherproof enclosure suitable for outdoor use
  • Built-in data logging of all proximity alert events to provide “Audit Trail”. (Time/Date stamped)
  • Remote configuration using PDA or laptop computer
  • Multiple Proximity Detector Units can be installed on a larger vehicles for front and rear detection
  • Suitable for 12 and 24V vehicle electrical systems
Typical Applications:
  • Front-end Loaders
  • Small excavators and forklifts on construction sites.
  • Warehouses and other Logistic centres (Forklifts, Personnel, Work areas)
  • Haul Road truck, utility vehicles and personnel at open-cut mines
  • Truck mounted cranes (prevent operator being hit by boom)
  • Spotting in front of vehicles (forestry, shipping dock etc)
  • Gantry Cranes at freight terminals and other loading areas
  • Indoor Gantry cranes for processing plants

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