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Orbit Communications supplies AnalogBridge remote monitoring systems

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AnalogBridge remote monitoring systems, available from Orbit Communications , have been designed to provide reliable remote monitoring and alarm functions for a variety of continuous level instruments.

AnalogBridge remote monitoring systems are capable of performing:

  • remote level monitoring for dams, reservoirs, water and sewerage tanks,
  • voltage monitoring of remote equipment from solar powered, DC powered or mains powered equipment or processes
  • current such as 4-20mA loop powered sensors and motor currents
  • wireless temperature monitoring such as ambient temperature, bearing temperature on conveyor systems, remote monitoring of cool rooms and computer rooms; and
  • remote water pressure and water flow monitoring.
The transmitter unit in these remote monitoring systems features low average current consumption, and is equipped with a built-in power supply voltage monitoring circuit. This ensures it is suitable for battery powered or solar powered applications.

Over-air communications is monitored, so that if the supply voltage on the transmitter falls too low, or if faults with the radio telemetry link arise, a local alarm will be activated.

An optional GSM alarm can be fitted, which will send a text alarm message directly to a mobile phone of there is a communications link fault, low supply voltage warning or if the inputs go above or below user-programmable trip points.

These remote monitoring systems are available in IP65 water and dust-proof enclosures, and can be powered by 12/24V DC or AC power.

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