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Orbit Communications releases PCU400 Pump control system

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Orbit Communications has released PCU400 Pump control system.

The PCU400 Pump control system has been designed for long-range rural applications that require reliable pump control and tank monitoring up to 10km.

The system comprises a PCU401 wireless tank unit and PCU402 wireless pump unit. The PCU401 wireless tank unit accepts float switch or analogue level sensor inputs.

The wireless tank unit also has a local fault relay and RS232 port to connect to a PC/laptop or Orbit's GSM dialer (GSM100).

Two additional digital inputs enable an auto/manual switch and on/off switch to be wired into the wireless tank unit for manual control of remote pump (The pump unit also has the same facility for manual control).

In a typical application up to 3 float switches can be used to detect tank low (This starts the pump at the remote end of the link), tank full (stops pump at remote end) and overflow float that switches remote pump off and sets alarm condition.

The PCU402 wireless pump unit can control up to 2 pumps via 10 amp normally open relay contacts and also has an alarm relay output.

In addition, the PCU402 wireless pump unit has 2 auxiliary digital inputs that can be used to monitor flow to verify the pumps are working correctly and that water is flowing.

An RS232 serial port is also available for connection to a PC/laptop or Obit's GSM dialer.

The system continuously monitors the health of the radio link and activates an alarm in event of either loss of radio link or tank overflow condition.

Options available include IP66 enclosure, solar power kit, GSM dialer (sends alarm message to mobile phone and also enables remote access to determine system status and manual override)

  • No license fee required for Australia
  • 151 MHz, FSK, 100mW transmitter
  • -120dBm sensitivity receiver results in up to 10km line of sight range
  • Wide range isolated power supply (9.2 to 36V DC), 500V DC isolation, EMI reduction and transient suppression, reverse polarity protection
  • Meets Australian standards
  • Fully monitored radio link provides reliable performance
  • 3 Float switch and/or analogue level sensor inputs
  • 2 Pump control
  • Manual override switch input options at each end of the link
  • Custom functionality available
  • Convenient DIN rail mountable enclosures
  • IP66 metal enclosure option
  • 230VAC power option
  • Solar power option

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