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Orbit Communications announce the release of the RDM200-OEM Radio Data Modem.

The RDM200 is a wireless data modem designed to provide a reliable and cost effective data link in today’s busy radio environment.

Utilising proven RF technology, the RDM200 yields a low cost solution for your wireless applications coupled with a fast route to market.

The RDM200 Radio Data Modem provides a transparent wireless serial link between host devices, where packets of up to 1500 Bytes of data may be transferred at a time

All data encoding, decoding and error checking is performed by the RDM200 Radio Data Modem.

The serial data sent by the host to the RDM200 is automatically encoded and packetised and then transmitted over the air to the receiving unit.

Upon receipt of the radio data transmission the RDM200 Radio Data Modem will decode the data, perform an error check and output the original data to the receiving host if the ID of the receiving unit is the same as the sending unit.

• No license fee required for Australia

• C-Tick approval

• Free-to-air data transfer, no ongoing costs

• Full duplex TTL serial interface to Host

• Programmable serial baud rate from 1200 to 64K baud

• 32K onboard buffer for sending larger amounts of data

• Multi-channel operation in ISM band 915 – 928MHz (902 – 915MHz for outside Australia)

• Results in up to 1km LOS range (with appropriate antenna)

• AT command mode to set parameters such as Modem ID, Serial Baud Rate etc

• Simple TXD/RXD interface, can select no handshaking or RTS/CTS

• Low cost

• PCB mounting into host application

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