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Forklift and Personnel proximity alarm systems from Orbit Communications

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Orbit Communications  have released a new proximity alarm system, BodyGuard. BodyGuard is an industrial proximity alarm system that provides an ideal solution for warehouse applications. BodyGuard alarm system is suitable for forklifts and personnel working in close proximity to each other.

Each year there are around 600 accidents resulting in injury from forklifts in Australia. Workplace safety failings have resulted in various deaths and companies have been convicted and fined under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Though information about workplace health and safety requirements have been in place for decades, inspectors still frequently find major issues with the operation of forklifts. A 44-year–old forklift driver died when his machine tipped onto its side over after striking a roof support pole. He was not wearing a seatbelt and was crushed by the machine. The investigation found the roof support poles had been struck a number of times by forklifts and that workers had backed into poles because of inadequate space.

A Mildura company was convicted and fined $100,000 for three health and safety breaches which led to a truck driver being killed by a forklift.

Orbit Communications’ BodyGuard offers continuous detection and notification of proximity between the moving objects and fixed objects. BodyGuard provides user-defined protection zones around a vehicle, equipment and buildings to offer a continuous protection for the customers’ valuable resources.

Whenever a BodyGuard detection unit enters the protection zone of another BodyGuard proximity alarm unit, an alarm warning and flashing strobe is activated. The alarm is deactivated when the object moves outside the protection zone. The typical proximity protection zone is user-programmable and range from around 3m to 30m.

The features of BodyGuard include:

• Free technical and application support direct from the designer and manufacturer
• No ongoing license fees, the Bodyguard proximity alert system works on free-to-air frequency
• User programmable proximity protection zone up to 50m
• Multiple proximity detector units can be installed on a vehicle offering 360 degree coverage
• A wide range of power supply (9.6V to 36V DC/AC suitable for 12V and 24V vehicle systems)
• Fail-Safe alarm contacts to meet the L.I.S requirements
• IP66 rated weatherproof enclosure
• Optional vibration reduced, mounting plate and protection cage for heavy vehicles
• Control unit enables data logging of all the proximity detection events to provide Audit Trail (Time/Date  stamped)
• Remote configuration is carried out using PDA or laptop computer

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11/09/2014 - The BodyGuard pTAG system helps reduce risk of vehicle collisions. The system has an adjustable proximity exclusion zone from around 3 feet

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