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Entry level wireless data modem

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Orbit Communications announce the release of their RDM210 wireless data modem.

The RDM210 wireless data modem provides a low cost and reliable data link for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications.

The RDM210 wireless data modem is designed using proven wireless technology to provide a robust data link.

Don't lay another cable again. Save time, labour and travel costs.

Wireless data modems are a cost effective replacement for cables that are expensive to install, difficult to fault find and hard to move.

Based on proven technology, the RDM210 wireless data modem provides a reliable data link for industrial, scientific and commercial applications.

The enclosure is small enough to enable mounting within distribution panels and other space limited areas.

The RDM210 wireless data modems are quick and easy to install and no setup is required. They can be moved or relocated easily at any time. They are mobile and can be fitted on moving objects such as trucks and tractors.

* C-Tick approved for Australia

* No license fee required. Free to air

* 14 user programmable RF channels in the band 915 to 928 MHz

* 255 logical channels on each RF channel

* No RF experience required to install or operate

* Convenient flange mounting

* Suitable replacement for cable. Requires no handshaking or special data format

* Range up to 1km.

* Wide range (7 to 24V) power supply

* Programmable serial data rate from 1200 to 76800 Baud

* Available with choice of RS232 or RS485 serial interface

* Development kit available (RDK210) that enables a wireless data link to be set up and running within minutes

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