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BodyGuard proximity alert and collision avoidance system from Orbit Communications

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Orbit Communications  has released the BodyGuard proximity alert and collision avoidance system. The BodyGuard proximity alert and collision avoidance system provides an industrial proximity warning /alert solution for applications that involve moving machinery, vehicles and/or personnel.

The BodyGuard proximity alert system offers continuous detection and notification of proximity between moving objects and other moving or fixed objects. BodyGuard sets up one or more user-defined protection zones around a vehicle, equipment, beacons and buildings to offer continuous protection for valuable resources.

Whenever any BodyGuard proximity warning unit enters the protection zone of another BodyGuard proximity unit an alarm is activated. The alarm is deactivated when the object/s move outside the protection zone. The typical protection zone is user-programmable from around 2m to 50m.

The operating frequency of the BodyGuard proximity alert system is 902 to 915MHz for US and most other international locations and 915 to 928MHz for use within Australia installations. The BodyGuard proximity alert system consists of 3 main component types.
A typical system can comprise one or more of the following component types.

  • Sensor Unit – Transmits a digitally coded radio signal that is detected by other proximity Sensor Units. Receives and processes radio signals from other proximity Sensor or Personal Tag units
  • Control Unit - Enables multiple sensors to be fitted to a vehicle and provides logging of all proximity notifications from Sensor Units on the vehicle. Enables remote setup using a PDA or Laptop computer
  • Personal TAG Unit – Transmit only device that is worn by a person (typically belt or hard-hat mounted) continually emits the coded radio signal to be received and processed by proximity Sensor Units
  • C-Tick approved
  • Operates on universal free-to-air frequency (915MHz)
  • User Programmable range to 50m
  • Enables up to 360 degree coverage using multiple sensors on a vehicle
  • Wide range power supply (9.6V to 36V DC/AC suitable for 12 and 24V vehicle systems)
  • Fail-Safe alarm contacts meet L.I.S requirements
  • IP65 Rated weatherproof enclosure
  • Supplied with mounting plate and protection “cage” for heavy vehicles
  • Control unit enables data logging of all proximity detection events to provide “Audit Trail”. (Time/Date stamped)
  • Remote configuration using PDA or laptop computer

  • Large haul road mining trucks
  • Utility vehicles
  • Personnel
  • Forklifts
  • Entranceways and walkways
  • Warehouses
  • Forecourt areas
  • Cranes
  • Equipment safety “Lock-out”

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