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Oracle Partitioning database addition for improved performance

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Oracle  Partitioning is a database addition that allows indexes and tables to be divided into smaller components. 

Partitioning is a vital database addition where there are high performance and availability  requirements. Oracle Database 11g has a wide selection of partitioning methods including interval, reference, list, and range in addition to composite partitions of two methods such as order date (range) and region (list) or region (list) and customer type (list). 

As a database addition, Oracle Partitioning provides the foundation of Oracle's Information Lifecycle Management strategy.

The Oracle Partitioning database addition benefits users by providing a fast performance that reduces query times to seconds and improves manageability by being able to handle smaller amounts of data. Access to information is 24/7 and the database addition enables information on lifecycle management providing cost efficient use of storage.

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