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Dumpmaster bin tippers available from Optimum Handling Solutions

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Available now from Optimum Handling Solutions , the Dumpmaster range of bin tippers empties bins from floor level effortlessly with the simple press of a button.

A safe alternative with no bending or lifting required by the operator, Dumpmaster bin tippers are raised vertically and then gently rolled forward when they are at the right height. This design uses a minimal amount of space, and is much safer than bin tippers that rotate the bin around a fixed pivot point.

Furthermore, the Dumpmaster's bin and cradle come down by gravity alone, which increases the safety of the bin tipping machine.

Standard Dumpmaster bin tippers can empty bins up to 250kg, and in some circumstances machines can be modified to suit bins up to 300kg. A hydraulic pressure relief valve in the Dumpmaster prevents overlaoding.

Users can choose from four standard tipping heights or specify their ideal height, up to 6m.

Cradles are available to suit almost any kind of bin and are available to hold two or more different sizes of bin.

Dumpmaster bin tippers usually have a hot dip galvanised steel frame with zinc plated guarding. They can also be partially or entirely made from stainless steel for food or pharameutical applications if required.

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