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Conveyer systems from Optimum Handling Solutions reduce handling costs and worker fatigue, and add value to your products.

The conveyer systems are capable of fulfilling a diverse range of functions, and they provide solutions that assist in the transportation, buffering, picking and distribution of goods throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Efficiency of goods receipt, order fulfilment and dispatch can also be greatly improved through the use of these conveyer systems.

All of the company’s conveyer systems meet the highest standards in reliability and safety, in regard to both operator safety and the working environment.  

This is thanks to their smoothly designed and constructed surfaces, which minimise the risk of scratching or tearing products.

Secure guides also prevent items from falling off, which allows for the safe handling of sensitive products.

The conveyer systems are available as a complete system, and separate components or segments are also available.

Regardless of whether customers are after a simple gravity roller conveyor or a more complex powered roller top belt conveyor, the systems are available in various widths and heights.

This ensures the conveyer systems are capable of handling packages, boxes, cartons, bundles, bags and other individual items that require the stable support of an extensive chain.

The conveyer systems can be supplied to customers in 3m sections or in sections up to 15m. This allows for simple and effective production line conveying.

Conveyer systems from Optimum Handling Solutions ensure products get to market on time and they add value by lowering costs and speeding up the delivery process.

Furthermore, they offer higher service levels as cartons are packed with greater accuracy.

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