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Electronic and fibre optic design solutions from Optimal Technologies

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Optimal Technologies  specialises in providing electronic and fibre optic design and development services. Ranging from concept to manufacture, Optimal Technologies offers a comprehensive assistance to every aspect of development project.

Optimal Technologies provides a wide range of state of the art experience in all aspects of electronic design such as analog, digital, microprocessor, FPGA, CPLD, optoelectronics and fibre optics.

Some of the projects handled by Optimal Technologies include battery powered (hand-held instrumentation), signal processing systems using TMS320C40, C50 and C6000, FPGA designs using XILINX Spartan and Virtex, wideband with low noise optical receiver designs, PCI interface cards including device drivers and data acquisition systems with IrDA, RS232 or ethernet interface.

Optimal Technologies utilises updated simulation, design and layout CAD tools in their projects and offers software designs which are capable of covering the entire areas from HDL for FPGA designs and device drivers for PCI/ISA/USB devices through to C++/J++ for high level programming. Optimal Technologies’ labs are equipped to meet various test requirements.

In addition to providing software designs, Optimal Technologies also offers a wide range of documentation options to suit various requirements.

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