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Deep discharge/high amperage battery

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article image Optima’s Yellowtop battery.

OPTIMA Batteries’ Yellowtop 5.5L is reported to be the first large lead/acid battery on the market to combine deep cycling with high cranking amperage.

It builds on the manufacturer's spiral-cell technology and is suitable for forestry, building and construction equipment and for distribution vehicles and other vehicles with electrically-powered accessory equipment.

Operating environments characterised by vibrations, heat, humidity and dust make harsh demands of a robust and reliable battery design.

"The Yellowtop battery produces cranking amperage of 975 CCA (cold cranking amperage per EN standard)," explains Magnus Ling, head of market communications at Optima Batteries.

"It can be completely discharged up to 250 times, which means a long lifespan and allows for replacement of much larger starter batteries with the new combination battery.”

According to the manufacturer, the battery is maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant, and the closed system counteracts evaporation. It can be mounted in any position, thus making it ideal for narrow spaces.

The verified cranking power is high regardless of temperature and number of deep discharges, and the low rate of self-discharge ensures that it retains cranking amperage even if the battery is subject to long periods of non-use.

The spiral-cell technology is based on lead plates wound into spiral cells and then layered with a microporous glass-mat that binds the acid. The wound cells are coupled by solid connections.

According to Optima Batteries, this achieves maximal performance and minimal weight and volume, making the battery rugged and easy to install.

The battery's electrolytes are fixed and encapsulated in a closed system, and the whole thing is enclosed a weather-resistant plastic case welded as a single piece.

The design entails that battery function is not affected by vibrations or broad temperature variation and also prevents leakage. All batteries have an individual identity code and are high-charge and leakage tested before they leave the factory.

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