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Service processor support for IBM BladeCenter, x series and e-Servers from Opengear

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Opengear has released extended support for managing the new service processors in IBM computers and peripheral devices.

The IBM eServer, xSeries and BladeCenter families all have embedded service processors for around-the-clock remote systems management and Opengear’s IM4200 gateways and CM4000 console servers communicate with them.

So businesses with distributed sites can now begin to unravel the array of cabling jumbles often found in these sites associated with using legacy remote management tools like KVM and serial terminal servers.

IBM’s entry level service processor is the baseboard management controller (BMC). This service processor is built-in on IBM xSeries and BladeCenter servers and provides basic status monitoring and troubleshooting facilities such as sending alerts.

However it is IBM's Remote Supervisor Adapter (RSA) with its virtual KVM, remote power control and virtual media facilities that represents the next generation of comprehensive remote management.

The IBM RSA is standard in some IBM computers and an option in others, and these service processors augment the BMC capability and enable the manager to perform a range of systems administration functions even when the remote computer is not operational.

Opengear CM4000 and IM4200 gateways and Opengear’s SDTConnector management client ship preconfigured with support for IBM's BMC and RSA service processors and associated management software.

IBM best practice recommends that the RSA not be connected directly to the production network, and the IM4200 gateway provides access to these service processors over a secure management LAN environment.

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