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Opengear's new system for centrally monitoring networks

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Opengear's team of design engineers in Brisbane have created an affordable new system for centrally monitoring all the applications, computers and devices in distributed networks.

“Our target in developing Opengear Monitor has been medium-sized operations where there are limited budgets and yet they have manage very complex disperse networks,” said Opengear Chairman and CEO Bob Waldie. “And this is a market segment that has historically been underserved by the management technology industry. So our engineers have developed an affordable solution that simplifies all the complexity." 

Opengear Monitor has Nagios at its core. Nagios is a leading open source IT infrastructure monitoring system and is very familiar to system administrators and network managers. Nagios is pre-installed in the Opengear Monitor’s CMS6100 hardware and it can monitor and manage more than 1,000 distributed hosts and services and up to 255 console servers.

Opengear Monitor auto-synchronizes with the distributed console servers so complex national and international networks can be auto-configured within minutes. This provides a new level of visibility, security and control into distributed locations.

Opengear Monitor’s web user interface then shows network maps, status and detailed service checks for the console servers and monitored hosts and services. To remedy any identified problems, the manager simply clicks on their browser and Opengear Monitor securely connects them directly to remote console servers or the attached computer, service processors, routers, switches, power or environmental sensor.

"No time needs to be wasted on installation and configuring, and we really do deliver simple point and click secure access to the remote applications and devices. Also its an open solution so our customers can add their own custom services and hosts to be monitored and tune the alert notifications to ensure they meet their target service levels,” Waldie said.

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