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Opengear’s IPMI for controlling power in computers

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Opengear has added IPMI power management and support for third party system management tools (like Dell’s Open Manage) to all its infrastructure management gateways. Most servers come with embedded service processors, and this new Opengear release enables the site manager to control this new generation of embedded devices. 

The firmware for Opengear’s IM/CM/SD4000 gateways enable system administrators to support a wide range of third power strips, UPS supplies and embedded power control devices:

Servers and appliances with embedded IPMI service processors or BMCs can also be accessed and controlled, using the latest Opengear firmware. The IPMI proxy built into all the CM4000 and IM4200 gateways allows administrators to remotely cycle power and reboot servers when their operating system is unresponsive.  

Serial port controlled power strips can be accessed using their command line console, or the gateway’s Management Console’s power control tools. 

Network attached power control devices with browser controls can be securely accessed with Opengear’s Secure Tunneling tool.

Opengear’s products give the administrator the full range of control for managing remote sites, from switching the AC power, through to BIOS access, operating system configuration and application software management. Servers at distant branch offices, and at remote customer sites, can be securely power cycled. And with the gateway’s out-of-band access features, firewalls and network infrastructure at these sites can be reconfigured and rebooted remotely.


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