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Opengear releases Nagios central management software

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Opengear  has released Nagios central management software, which provides server administrators and network managers with centralised monitoring and secure control of their distributed computers, software and networks.

“Customers are demanding a high capacity infrastructure management solution that delivers a level of affordability and extensibility not found in proprietary solutions available today,” said Bob Waldie, Chief Executive Officer, Opengear. “As a result, we developed the Secure Tunneling (SDT) for Nagios software that extends the popular Nagios solution so it can both monitor and alert, but also access and control.”

Nagios is an enterprise grade open source monitoring system and is used by thousands of companies worldwide. Nagios actively monitors networks, servers and applications and provides sophisticated alarming and notification mechanisms and escalation rules to alert administrators of potential problems that require attention.

Opengear’s SDT for Nagios then provides automated secure access to the problem location and to the tools required for incident resolution. SDT for Nagios integrates Opengear’s SDT Connector remote access client and their next generation console servers giving network operations and data centre administrators secure in-band and out-of-band remote access. It also provides control of all their physical and virtual ICT assets from a single Nagios screen.

“We selected Nagios because it is a best-of-breed management platform and it is Open Source. Rather than develop a high ticket proprietary management solution we decided to offer an Open Source solution to enable our customers to manage their infrastructure at greatly reduced cost.

“Nagios software is GPL licensed can be downloaded and run free of charge. Similarly, Opengear's SDT extensions are free of charge. However, when we have customers seeking assistance in customising or optimising their Nagios implementation, we work in partnership with the Nagios support community worldwide to provide these services,” said Waldie.

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