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Opengear releases Campus Partner programme for universities and colleges

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Opengear has released its Campus Partner programme, which offers universities and colleges in Australia and North America with Opengear’s infrastructure management products.

The goal of the new Campus Partner program is to provide campus IT managers and academic staff with affordable tools to control their diverse data, voice and communications operations and to solicit the universities’ input on future features. Colleges and universities across USA and Australia are already benefiting from the use of Opengear’s management gateways. 

According to Utah State University, Opengear products have delivered the features they need in a solid reliable product and in a cost conscious environment Opengear allowed it to connect a more complete range of systems than it had originally specified at a cost well below the competition.

The Utah State University further feels that Competitive vendors no longer provide base-model configurations to meet Utah State University needed, jacking up their prices with features that are not required in our environment. Opengear's sales and support staff listened to its needs and provided it with a solution placing the needs of the customer first.  Having utilized numerous competing systems the cost/feature benefits of Opengear's solutions and their pleasant staff made its decision effortless. The continued reliability and functionality of Opengear's systems have meant that they can unquestionably recommend their systems to others.

Opengear’s products has allowed Utah State University to take remote control over a variety of systems including Solaris, Linux, and numerous Disk Arrays ensuring that they can provide secure, rapid, and effortless response even from offsite locations while in training, and at conferences.

Most of Opengear’s out-of-band infrastructure management products are supplied to customers in United States, Germany, Japan and China. However Opengear is also finding success with universities in Australia.

According to University of Western Sydney, Opengear systems have allowed it, in a cost conscious environment, to effectively, and securely, manage a wide range of equipment and with equipment on three remote campuses, Opengear products have significantly reduced support times, and allowed more effective remote administration.

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