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Nagios appliance available from Opengear

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Opengear ’s Nagios appliance provides remote monitoring plus remote access and control.

February 12, 2007, Opengear has partnered with Nagios to integrate the renowned open source host and network monitoring program within Opengear’s IM4200 gateways and CM4000 console servers.

Nagios diagnoses and alerts systems administrators about problems within IT infrastructure by centrally monitoring systems and services across distributed networks.

Opengear’s appliance now embedded the Nagios NSCA client and NRPE server for integration into the Nagios-based monitoring infrastructure. Acting as distributed monitoring servers, these gateways and console server appliances run checks in conjunction with the master Nagios server.

Nagios has become a standard tool for monitoring enterprise networks. Opengear’s Nagios appliances enable managed service providers to extend the Nagios management solutions they offer customers with affordable monitoring appliances that also provide out of band access and tools to reduce application, operating system and hardware problem resolution times.

To reach remote equipment and remedy problems, Opengear’s appliances provides secure in-band and out-of-band access to the serial or network management consoles on the distributed systems and network devices.

The high-availability, failover and out-of-band features of the Opengear appliances ensure that administrators can still manage all the servers, routers and power devices in their remote data centres even in the event of major network or system failure.

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