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WACI NX-22 and WACI NX-44 Control Processors

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article image WACI NX-22 and WACI NX-44 Control Processors

The WACI NX-22 and WACI NX-44 are the first of Aurora Multimedia's next-generation Web Accessible Control Interface (WACI) control processors to offer integrated Bluetooth microphone capability for voice-lift applications. The units additional features include a built-in audio player with volume control to enable internal audio mixing management, voice over IP, and intercom and paging systems, with speech command recognition coming soon. The WACI NX-22 Control Processor provides two serial, IR, relay, and I/O ports, while the WACI NX-44 Control Processor offers four of each.  

These powerful, non-proprietary IP control systems offer a native network that can operate seamlessly and simply via an Ethernet connection. The WACI Control Processor serves as the "ambassador" between the Ethernet and intelligent electronics. The systems are accessible through any Web browser running on a wired or wireless Ethernet network, and they require no special software. Both WACI NX processors are set up using standard Web-authoring tools, and numerous RS-232/422/485, IR, relay, and DSP control ports are available with a robust internal IR learner being standard.  

The WACI NX-22 and NX-44 Control Processors may complement the needs of a basic A/V system or can be the heart of a complex, networked, worldwide asset management and control system. Each WACI Control Processor contains its own resources, preventing slow performance and bottlenecks caused by shared systems. Each offers a wide range of OS compatibility for truly platform-agnostic operation, and internal server-side operation means that no dedicated server is required and no special applications need to be installed on the PC to access the WACI control system.  

The WACI NX-22 and NX-44 Control Processors are available from Open Automation Solutions .

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