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Low cost opacity/dust monitor

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article image Simple push-button operation.

OPAL Environmental has released the low cost Opal 100T opacity/dust monitor, designed for use in applications where continuous measurement of smoke or particulate emissions from industrial stack exhausts is required.

Opal Environmental is the only Australian manufacturer of optical smoke and particulate monitoring technology.

The Opal 100T employs the same digital measurement technology as the larger USEPA conformant Opal 200 systems, and can be link-programmed to provide either opacity (%) or optical density (quantitative) dust measurement in the form of a 4-20mA signal.

In the opacity mode, it is the ideal instrument for continuous monitoring of package boilers, kilns and other combustion process application.

In the optical density mode, the Opal 100T will provide quantitative reporting of dust concentrations from large baghouse of electrostatic precipitator exhausts, offering distinct advantages over triboelectric dust monitors in large ducts up to four metres in diameter.

The Opal 100 systems offer excellent temperature and stray light stability, long life lamp operation, and accuracy of flue gas measurement.

The instrument calibration is a simple push-button operation that takes less than two minutes and maintenance access to the process lenses is via quick release connectors.

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