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200 Opacity and Dust Monitoring system from Opal Environmental

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A 200 opacity and dust monitoring system available from Opal Environmental, installed in the main kiln stack at a major Australian cement manufacturing plant, recently became Australia’s first PS-11 compliant dust monitoring system.

In doing so the Opal 200 system also demonstrated inherent ability to achieve high confidence levels for quantitative dust measurements.

The USEPA Performance Specification 11 environmental regulations and guidelines were laid out in 2003 to assist industrial end users to achieve possible performance from their selected dust concentration monitoring instrumentation.

Until recently, these particular regulations had not been adopted by the Australian environmental regulators but, in the case of this particular cement plant, they were required to demonstrate their capability for reliable and accurate reporting of their quantitative dust concentration levels to the PS-11 standard in order to achieve license approval for future use of alternate fuel sources.

Compliance to PS-11requires:

  • Selection of a suitable monitoring instrument for the application; this is the responsibility of the end user, with special note in the regulations to advise that there is no specific technology that is suitable for all dust measurement applications and advises that careful consultation with suppliers is recommended to ensure suitable technology is used
  • Correct installation to ensure that the instrument is installed in the ideal location for representative measurement
  • In-situ validation period to verify that the instrument is suitable for the application
  • Dust correlation, by comparing the system response against a minimum of 15 stack sample test results to determine the perfect correlation factor. It is necessary to achieve a final “confidence factor” of not less than 85%.

The Opal 200 opacity and dust monitoring system is an ideal result for Australian designed and manufactured environmental technology.

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