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Ontrack Data Recovery outlines advantages of storing data on modern media formats

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Businesses storing data on old tape formats may discover that critical information has been lost forever, according to experts at Ontrack Data Recovery.

Ontrack Data Recovery is calling on businesses to ensure that information that may need to be accessed is transferred to modern media formats, in order to be compliant with current legislation and recoverable in the event of data loss.

“Requests for archived information can range from internal documents, to a single email or even entire company backups. It is important to know exactly where this information is held and how to get to it,” explains Adrian Briscoe, General Manager at Ontrack Data Recovery.

“Data is increasingly being stored in electronic format and we have seen an exponential increase in recovery requests in the last 20 years. Companies need to ensure that their houses are in order and everything is backed up properly.”

Some organisations have electronic data dating back decades and the chances of it being damaged or rendered inaccessible over time are fairly high.

Retrieving data that is damaged or inaccessible can be costly and may require special equipment. By maintaining up-to-date records and data on modern media formats, extraction can be quick and painless.

“It is important for a company to look at its past as well as its future. Maintaining archives and ensuring data is easily accessible in a modern format will not decrease storage costs but the organisation as a whole will be better aligned with compliance regulations, with essential information easily locatable,” added Briscoe.

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