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Pre-treat iron or steel surfaces with RUSTEX

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ONSITE Industrial Distributors (formerly know as Perma Australia Pty Ltd) has introduced a new product to their range, the RUSTEX 3 in 1.

Pre-treatment with RUSTEX can substantially increase the life of any iron or steel surface.

RUSTEX is a unique blend of solvents and acids acting as a destroyer, preventer and primer.

Suitable for iron and steel surfaces and as a primer for brass, copper, aluminum or wood, RUSTEX works by a complex chain of chemical reactions: 1. Solvents and acids dissolve any rust on the surface

2. Formation of a stainless, water-insoluble iron tannate compound (touch dry within 20min at 20° centigrade)

3. Contained resins build a thin protective coating on the surface.

To apply RUSTEX simply:

1. Brush down thoroughly for clean firm surface (with wire brush)

2. Apply RUSTEX with brush or spray gun

3. Wait for the chemical reaction to take place (rusty and unpainted iron will change colour to deep blue/purple/black)

4. Paint over with any desired or decorative paint. No other treatment is necessary.

RUSTEX’s covering power is 5L, 75m2.

RUSTEX’s durability is dependant on environmental conditions. Onsite Industrial Distributors recommend pre-treatment with RUSTROY, which will substantially extend the rust free life of any iron or steel surface.

RUSTEX’s storage life is up to 12 months (if unopened, kept in the dark at 20°C).

Safety precautions are important says Onsite Industrial Distributors. Gloves are necessary as RUSTEX can irritate the skin. RUSTEX is flammable and should be kept away from flames.

The product is supplied in: 250ml, 1L, 5L and 20L containers.

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