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Citro-Clean multi-purpose cleaner from OnSite Industrial Distributors

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Citro-Clean, from OnSite Industrial Distributors , is a multi-purpose cleaner that removes stains, deodorizes and cleans metal, laminates, timber, fabric, carpet and clothing. The Citro-Clean multi purpose cleaner also dissolves adhesives, waxes, acrylic and oil paints, permanent marker pen and ball point inks. It also removes lipstick, bitumen and tar, chewing gum, blood stains, fats, oils, grease, soap and crayon.

Citro-Clean multi-purpose cleaner performs as a germicidal suitable for use in industrial locations, factories, workshop, retail outlets and the home. This multi purpose cleaner is biodegradable, mixes with water and has a natural citrus aroma.

When Citro-Clean is sprayed on any soiling, it dissolves the soiling instantly allowing for an easy wipe of the residue to leave the surface clean and free of smearing. Stain removing qualities are evident where adhesive and adhesive residue left when removing labels, tape and other stubborn materials. The users should take care to test on hard plastics before application.

Citro-Clean multi purpose cleaner is a cleaner for food preparation areas, bench tops, appliances, sinks and bar-b-ques. This multi-purpose cleaner can remove road tar from bodywork and wheels, insects from windscreen, grill and paintwork. Citro-Clean will also take marks from upholstery, carpets and vehicle headliners – especially nicotine stains.

Citro-Clean multi purpose cleaner is used for cleaning sinks, basins, tapware and toilets. Used on clothing, stubborn stains like oils, greases, ink, fat and lipstick are removed in washing with no detriment to garments. The Citro-Clean is available at a pack size of 400g aerosol.

Citro-Clean multi purpose cleaner can be sprayed onto item to be cleaned. When the surface is evenly wet, allow the cleaner to react for 30 seconds and then wipe with a clean rag or cloth. Stubborn stains may require re application and left for longer period before wiping clean.

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