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Boom lifts offered by Onsite Access and Scaffolds

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Onsite Access and Scaffolds  provides various types of electric and diesel powered knuckle and telescopic boom lifts. The electric knuckle booms are primarily suitable for slab applications and external applications that are done on level sealed surfaces. Onsite Access and Scaffolds’ knuckle booms are designed in a “z” configuration and the boom can extend upwards. The knuckle boom is powered by batteries and is preferred for use indoors due to its non polluting features. The width of the knuckle booms vary from 1.2 to 1.75 metres while the platform height can be extended in the range of 9.1 to 14 metres.

The diesel knuckle booms available from Onsite Access and Scaffolds feature four wheel drive. The diesel powered knuckle booms are designed for use in tough external conditions. The diesel knuckle booms designed in a “Z” configuration have width varying between 1.73 to 2.1 metres and platform heights can be extended in the range of 10.6 to 18.3 metres.

Onsite Access and Scaffolds’ diesel telescopic booms are four wheel driven, powered by diesel and are suitable for use in rough outdoor conditions. The diesel telescopic boom can be extended straight and is used specifically for high reach applications. These booms can turn around 360 degrees in any direction and can be lowered vertically. The width of the diesel telescopic booms has width in the range 2.3 to 3.5 metres and the platform height ranging from 12.2 to 36.6 metres.

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