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OneTemp releases new USB-based Ethernet server

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Onset Computer Corp. a supplier of battery-powered data loggers has released a USB-based Ethernet server which allows multiple HOBO data loggers to be connected over an Ethernet network.

The Keyspan USB server, when used in conjunction with HOBO loggers, enables users to remotely manage and access HOBO loggers distributed throughout a facility and to receive alarm notification via email or mobile phone when environmental conditions exceed set thresholds.

Many customers, particularly those in large facilities, not only want to use HOBOs for short-term environmental snapshots in select areas, but also use the same battery-powered tools to implement facility-wide, networked datalogging solutions for more comprehensive profiling.

By adding the Keyspan server to the product line, customers can now spend less time retrieving data and more time analysing it. It makes the data collection process more efficient, and narrows the gap between standalone datalogging and facility-wide intelligence.

Using the Keyspan server with HOBO loggers is simple. The server is plugged into an ethernet network, and multiple HOBO loggers are connected to the server.

An accompanying software driver is then installed on each client PC, enabling data to be readily shared by any interested parties in the facility.

For example, facility managers can view data on HVAC/R systems performance and energy usage, warehouse managers can view data on storage climate conditions and quality managers can view process heating and cooling statistics.

The Keyspan USB server available from OneTemp is compatible with USB-based HOBO data loggers and allows for connection of up to four loggers at each server location.

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