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article image The FP93 controller -- large 20mm display.

SHIMADEN has released the FP93 program controller for accurate control over programmed ramp/soak patterns, with a choice of four patterns of 10 steps each, two patterns of 20 steps each or one pattern of 40 steps, and a list of features including free interface software.

Available from Industrial Pyrometers , the FP93 is a 96 x 96mm DIN-size controller and has a large 20mm bright display, which is useful if the process value needs to be seen from a distance. The front panel has an IP66 rating.

The input type is fully user selectable for RTD, thermocouple, mA, mV and volts and a selection of outputs for relay, solid state relay, mA or voltage.

There are three event outputs as standard which can be used for alarms, control functions or timed events and an optional four more are also available if required.

The analogue output can retransmit the process or set value to other controllers, recorders or PLCs and RS232 or RS485 communications is available which is suitable to interface with the Shimaden Lite software.

When this combination of controller and software is used it expands the pre-programmed patterns to as many as you like, all saved on the PC and it makes programming the controller simple.

External control inputs provide access to many program functions from external non voltage contacts e.g. start a pattern running, hold a pattern at any point, advance a step or select the desired pattern to run.

It can be easily programmed from the front panel and there are a list of screen selections to keep you informed as to every stage of the running pattern status.

The FP93 is suitable for many industrial applications including heat treatment, food, combustion, hobby kilns, drying kilns and autoclaves.

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