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Delphin data acquisition system

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ONETEMP , formerly Industrial Pyrometers, has announced the release of the Delphin logger, a sophisticated control and function module with onboard data memory, and online data acquisition via ethernet.

A selection of isolated digital and analogue input and output modules are available and internal PLC control functions and timers are included.

Two main versions of the Delphin logger are available in either a field model or a lab model which comes with easy front connection plugs for ease of use. There is also a mini message unit which is a scaled down version.

Up to 48 slave expansion modules can be added to the main unit which are connected together through the CAN Bus system. Standard ports for RS232, RS485 and Ethernet with TCP/IP, Modbus and ASCII protocols available for connecting to a PC or other devices such as PLCs.

The Delphin has a user configurable built in web server so users can set-up and view the data over the internet or send an email if there is a problem. Data can be downloaded on demand, on a timed event, e.g. daily or weekly or from a triggered digital function.

Simultaneous evaluation can be made on live and historic data and the data is highly compressed so enormous amounts of data can be stored in relatively small memory modules.

Export of data to other functions like MS Excel is standard.

The loggers have FDA approval for total audit traceability and data security, which is important for food and drug applications in Australia, and is normally a requirement for exporting.

Delphin technology offers MHouse software economical and standardised measurement data acquisition, process data acquisition and monitoring.

MHouse is a series of software modules which can be independently selected for the required application. Message devices communicate via Ethernet, serial interfaces, telephone/radio or GSM network.

Existing company networks (Ethernet) can be used for data transmission. Special cabling is not required. The software modules may be installed on one or more computers within the network.

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