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Article on setting up of WAMP server presented by Onegeek Software

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Onegeek Software  provides articles on usability, standards and design of software application and programming. There is an article presented by Onegeek Software which contains information regarding the setting up of a WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL and PHP) server, which is the beginning of setting up a development environment on Windows.

A user is to start with the downloading of Apache, MySQL and PHP as suggested in Onegeek Software’s article for setting up a WAMP server. If a user does not have MySQL and want to install fresh the user can start with the upgrading of MySQL; if the user has a version of MySQL and does not want to change it he can skip the upgrading step as recommended in Onegeek Software’s article.

Onegeek Software’s provides articles which furnish information on lightweight usability testing methods namely heuristic evaluation and user testing. The usability testing can be executed in a separate testing laboratory or in the actual workplace in which the system will be used or a quiet office or conference room depending on the budget and resources allocated. Onegeek Software’s article suggests that the usability testing should be carried out through each stage in the development life-cycle of a system

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