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On Site Gas Systems takes gas generator flexibility and reliability to new heights with Quick-shot automatic backup and assist technology

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The Quick-Shot automatic backup and assist nitrogen and oxygen gas generator support system, originally developed for the military hospital is now available on all On Site Gas Systems industrial and medical nitrogen generators and oxygen generators.

The issue for years with nitrogen gas generators and oxygen gas generators has been that if one’s nitrogen or oxygen demand fluctuated, one had to size the PSA or membrane system not to the average demand, but large enough to satisfy a high possible spike of demand.

If one did not oversize the system, the occasional spike in gas demand would starve the generator, thus lower the available gas pressure and eventually lower the purity of the available gas until one’s demand spike ended.

Old-fashioned pressure, flow or purity based backup systems are slow to respond and have only an on/off capability. Once they turn on, they stay on until the backup cylinders or dewers are fully drained. With On Site’s ground breaking technology, that is all over now.

The patent-applied-for Quick-Shot automatic backup and assist is a revolutionary hybrid system that provides exactly what it says, a quick shot of nitrogen or oxygen into the product receiving tank that automatically helps the generator keep up with a demand spike, beyond its rated capacity.

Unlike other backups it does not allow the generator to go into standby or shut down. This way it does not replace the generator, it just assists it.

The Quick-Shot was originally developed for the POGS military portable oxygen system to support oxygen generation in military field hospitals. In the field hospital, there can be days of standard patient care and routine sick call. During this normal operating time, the 33 LPM Oxygen that the POGS produces, is sufficient to fill the needs of the hospital.

Unfortunately, weeks of routine are punctuated by hours or even days of the urgency of a flood of casualties, a triage environment. During this time, patients come into the facility at a rate way beyond the rated capacity of the surgical unit. These casualties cannot wait for oxygen.

The last thing a surgeon, nurse or med tech needs worry about during triage is, over taxing the PSA oxygen system. To that end, On Site’s Chief Engineer, Sanh Phan, developed the Quick-Shot system.

A high-pressure oxygen or nitrogen cylinder is attached to the Quick-Shot system. If the pressure in the product gas receiving tank drops to a preset point, indicating the PSA system is being over taxed, the Quick-Shot activates, injecting a shot of gas directly into the receiving tank. This brings the receiving tank pressure up to a point just below the level at which, the PSA system would go into standby and stop generating gas.

When this preset stop-pressure level is achieved, the Quick-Shot closes and the gas generator is allowed to continue making gas, without fully depleting the backup cylinder.

By only injecting gas when the system falls behind in production, the oxygen or nitrogen cylinder is not completely depleted. In fact, with the overdraw, say of a of a glass blowers large torch or in the triage environment of the Shock Trauma Platoon, a standard 244 Cubic Foot cylinder will last at least 1,000 % longer than with an old fashioned switchover backup.

If the power fails or the generator is turned off, the Quick-Shot will still automatically provide backup oxygen or nitrogen going directly through the product receiving tank until the cylinder is depleted, or the generator comes back on line as in any changeover system.

The Quick-Shot is completely automatic on and off…..not just auto on. Additionally, with the optional alarm feature, one will always know when the system is being over drawn and Quick-Shot is active.

The Quick-Shot is available on every system On Site sells, no matter how large or small, medical industrial or military, nitrogen or oxygen, membrane or PSA. The Quick-Shot can even be added to one’s existing On Site PSA system.

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