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On Site Gas Systems supply PSA oxygen generator for NASA

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NASA’s supplier, On Site Gas Systems of CT USA, supply a range of industry leading oxygen generators and nitrogen generators. On Site Gas Systems Australia are distributors for this range of oxygen and nitrogen generators with a growing number of installations locally.

The nitrogen generation range covers purities from 95% through 99.9995% with oxygen systems available in 95% and 99% purities. On Site Gas Systems’ high purity oxygen range allows purities of 99% and is available in flow ranges from 1m3/hr to 56m3/hr with 10 models in this range. In the past year, On Site Gas Systems have designed for NASA a 99% purity PSA oxygen generator for use at the International Space Station.

The PSA oxygen generator system will be used to purge the astronaut’s space suit for each space walk. Company founder, Francis X. Hursey was a pioneer of PSA (pressure swing adsorption) oxygen technology as a member of the Apollo Program’s breathing air team.

On Site Gas Systems were selected by NASA for this project as they are capable of producing 99% oxygen using PSA technology. Daily, systems at NASA meet this need where hospitals and health care providers use only 99% oxygen. On Site Gas Systems design and produce non-cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen generation utilising membrane and pressure swing adsorption technologies (PSA).

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