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On Site Gas Systems installs Nitrogen generators in The Australian Museum

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The benefits of On Site Gas Systems ’ Nitrogen generators have again been demonstrated locally with the new installation of an On Site Gas Systems’ Nitrogen generator into The Australian Museum.

On Site Gas Systems’ Australian General Manager, Rodney Rodrigues says the company was thrilled to be awarded this project, “it was a special win for us as one of our on-site gas generators is installed in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, so it seemed fitting that we now also have a system in a renowned museum locally”.

“Of course, for this style of application, On Site Gas Systems has a rich history and much experience. Our on-site gas generators are with customers such as National Geographic, Time/Life and Warner Bros.” Rodrigues added.

The Australian Museum installed the on-site Nitrogen generator to feed its controlled atmosphere chamber for preservation and conservation of various pieces.

The chamber requires an uninterrupted flow of high purity Nitrogen gas over long periods of time so was perfectly suited to on site generation.

On Site Gas Systems supplied the museum with a turn-key system that consisted of feed air compressor, air preparation such as air dryer, tanks, the Nitrogen generator and required flow meters and valves for control.

Historically the museum was using cylinder gas which meant that they would have to constantly monitor gas levels in the cylinders, change out cylinders when they were empty and cart cylinders from the loading dock to the point of use, which was posed a significant occupational health and safety risk, was inconvenient, time consuming and expensive.

Switching to on-site Nitrogen generation now also has reduced the museum’s gas costs in the region of 80-90% as well as the other benefits to which a value cannot be put.

On Site Gas Systems has been manufacturing on-site gas generators since 1987. On Site Gas Systems designs and builds oxygen generators and nitrogen generators for both industrial and medical use.

On Site Gas Systems on site oxygen generators and on site nitrogen generators are currently used in more than 70 countries across a wide variety of industries such a electronics manufacturing, wine, food packaging and metal working.

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