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On Site Gas Systems’ President receives 2006 Distinguished Alumni Award

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Francis X. Hursey was recognised an outstanding alumnus at The University of Hartford Commencement in West Hartford, CT.

The 2006 Distinguished Alumni Award was presented to the scientist, inventor and entrepreneur, a '73, '77 College of Engineering graduate who also holds a Master of Business Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Hursey discovered QuikClot, a hemostatic agent that has been credited with stopping massive bleeding from traumatic injury. He also is the founder and president of the sister companies Z-Medica, LLC and On Site Gas Systems of Newington, CT. Z-Medica is a medical products manufacturer of QuikClot and other life-saving products.

On Site Gas Systems  designs and builds oxygen generators and nitrogen generators for both industrial and medical use.

On Site Gas Systems on site oxygen generators and on site nitrogen generators are currently used in more than 70 countries across a wide variety of industries such a electronics manufacturing, wine making and bottling, food and beverage packaging and metal working.

When executives of On Site Gas Systems learned of the urgent need for oxygen in field hospitals after the Hurricane Katrina, they sent portable oxygen generating systems and cylinder filling systems to the effected area.

On Site Gas Systems has provided life-saving on site gas generation equipment to troops on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana.

Named to the top 50 list of Scientific American, Hursey was designated Defence Researcher of the Year in 2003 by that publication and by Popular Science.

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