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Nitrogen gas generators from On Site Gas Systems for tank inerting applications

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On Site Gas Systems’  Nitrogen gas generators have proved themselves to be the choice for safe reliable and cost efficient Nitrogen supply. Samos Polymers,  polymer manufacturers located in Sydney, were looking for a long lasting, reliable option to generate Nitrogen gas on site as they knew that traditionally supplied gas in cylinders or in bulk liquid was both expensive and inconvenient for their application.

Given On Site Gas Systems’ track record in over 70 countries around the world and the financial savings the system represented, Samos Polymers selected On Site Gas Systems nitrogen generator for their critical Nitrogen requirements.

Installed in February 2007, the Nitrogen gas generation is used to generate Nitrogen for use in the mixers and tanks throughout the facility. The plant currently had N2 reticulation set up and was running off expensive and inconvenient Nitrogen gas in cylinders.

The system was installed along side existing plant equipment. The nitrogen gas generator required no special equipment or change to existing equipment other than the addition of the Nitrogen generator, air treatment and a Nitrogen storage tank.

The system was piped to make use of the existing compressed air on site and then joins the original reticulation where the old banks of cylinders used to sit. When the generator was commissioned, the Nitrogen flow was switched through a valve to flow Nitrogen from the generator throughout the plant.

The process inside the plant did not change and workers did not have to make any changes to standard operations. The site manager no longer has to worry about gas levels, re-ordering, running empty or constant invoicing. The facility now has a steady flow of constant purity Nitrogen gas, 24 x7 and at around 3c per cubic metre.

The Nitrogen generator houses an inbuilt purity O2 analyser that constantly monitors gas production quality. It has a large digital read out of the O2 content so is ideal for daily monitoring by the plant maintenance crew when on standard rounds. It also has outputs for building monitoring and alarms. Since being installed at the start of 2007, the generator has given an uninterrupted supply of Nitrogen and saves the customer money, hassle and the worry associated with gas supplied in cylinders.

Onsite Nitrogen gas generation systems are ideal for constant flow applications such as tank blanketing and inerting as well as other applications such as laser cutting, and heat treatment in the metals industry, food packaging as well as electronics manufacturing.

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