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ZX2 CMOS type laser sensors from Omron Electronics

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Omron Electronics presents a new regular-reflective sensor head designed for optimal wafer measurement easily and affordably.  

The ZX2 CMOS type laser sensors enable stable measurements for any colour or surface condition including metals, substrates, elastomers and transparent materials through Omron’s unique HSDR-CMOS (High Speed and Dynamic Range) image sensors and a step-less laser power adjustment algorithm.  

The Smart Tuning capability of the ZX2 laser sensors automatically sets parameters such as exposure time optimised for each workpiece by a single button, reducing the need for time-consuming manual settings even for applications with multiple mixed workpieces or varied workpiece surface conditions.  

Key features of Omron ZX2 CMOS type laser sensors: 

  • IP67 protective structure allows use even when exposed to dust or water 
  • Robot cable used as standard between the head and amplifier allows reliable and safe use of the sensor within the moving parts of machinery 
  • Resin cased small CMOS laser sensor head enables installation virtually anywhere including in narrow spaces or ceilings 
  • Compact sensor head minimises measurement errors arising from temperature fluctuations 
  • Higher accuracy measurement possible for applications that do not require the entire measurement range 
  • Linearity accuracy is improved by 50% if the range of the field is less than the length of the measurement centre 
  • Calculated results of two sensors are displayed on the amplifier by just connecting the calculating unit between the two amplifiers 
  • Calculation function can be chosen from two modes of thickness and subtraction 
  • Mutual interference can be prevented by coupling via the calculating units 

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