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Updated software version of OPC driver

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OMRON Electronics has released an updated software version of its OPC driver: CX-OPC-EV1.21-N. The new version extends its support for the Omron hardware (including PLCs and temperature controllers), the latest advances in the Windows operating system, and the OPC standard itself.

OLE for Process Control (OPC) is a standard for driver software designed to interface application software (operating in a PC environment) with devices used in the process control industry. Omron's OPC server supports all networks between the computer and field hardware, including propriety networks requiring dedicated network interface cards in the computer.

The OPC standard specifies that software requiring data from the field may request data from an OPC, which responds with the required data. The standard dictates that there may be several clients all simultaneously requesting data from one of more servers. The servers can reside on any computer on the network, not necessarily the same computer as the client. Windows' Distributed Component Object Module (DCOM) technology has been used to transfer the data between computers.

Omron's OPC Server software also provides an OPC Client, primarily for testing purposes. As well as the communications object, it provides a series of Active-X components that can dropped into any Active-X container, including Excel and the Visual Basic development environment. These Active-X components can communicate with each other to ensure the data is delivered properly and in the correct place. VBA scripts can also be run to extend the functionality of the system considerably.

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