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Updated data gathering tool

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OMRON Electronics has updated the CX-Lite software package to support additional hardware. CX-Lite is a computer program that gathers live data from field devices and brings it back to a single computer. This computer may in turn be networked if the same data is required on other computers.

It provides a number of graphical, Active-X components that can either extract data from one of more field devices or display it on the screen in either graphical or textual form. An application program is required in order to display the data. It needs to be an Active-X container, a program that allows Active-X components to be dropped into it. Usually Microsoft Excel is used for this as it offers extensive facilities to handle and manipulate large amounts of data. However, a completely new program can also be created using Visual Basic.

The inbuilt Active-X component objects include a simple lamp and button for monitoring and changing a single bit out in the field. Channel (or analogue) values can be displayed via a seven-segment display object or numerical display. This data can be displayed via a bar graph object and changed via the rotary knob object. Each object has numerous properties that can set to alter its appearance.

Almost any third-party Active-X component can be interfaced with CX-Lite, which greatly increases the power of the system. CX-Lite is suitable for simple computer monitoring/control applications as well as data logging.

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