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article image FPC connectors -- lowest profile.

OMRON believes it has introduced the industry's most compact ZIF FPC connectors with a moulded underbody.

The new Omron XF2N flexible printed circuit (FPC) connectors are not only ultra-low profile, with an overall height of just 0.9mm fully mated, but also have the smallest footprint for a zero insertion force (ZIF) style with a rotary lock.

The moulded under body of the XF2N is a key feature, as it provides an insulating layer between the connector terminals and the PCB, allowing tracks to be routed under the connector more easily. It accepts 0.2mm thick FPC.

At the same time, Omron has also announced the XF2R series, sharing many of the features of the XF2N for 0.12mm thick FPC. This series, which lacks a moulded underbody, is also 0.9mm high, and has a footprint 19.6mm x 5.5mm in the 32-way style.

Despite their compact size, the XF2N/R incorporate dual contacts, rendering it immaterial if the contact surface on the FPC is on the upper or lower side.

In common with other Omron FPC connectors, the new styles feature an easy to operate rotary lock mechanism, and are delivered open to minimise the number of assembly operations required in PCB manufacture.

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