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OMRON Electronics has released the CJ1M small range of PLCs. The CJ1M uses the same I/O, intelligent and communication cards as the current CJ1 units, thus for the first time offering scalability across the small to medium PLC range.

Based on the CJ1/CS1 platform, the CJ1M series shares the same memory architecture and can run identical programs to its larger counter-parts. This greatly simplifies migration from one platform to another.

The CJ1M introduces four new CPUs for 320 or 640 I/O applications. (The current CJ1 series handles up to 2,560 I/O points). Two of each of these CJ1M CPUs support 10 input + 6 output on on-board, high-speed I/O points.

These points support two high-speed counters (up to 100kHz each), with control being performed independently of the cyclic program scan.

Frequency (or rate-of-change) calculations have now also been introduced by the CJ1M series and these are most useful for switching in different positioning vectors for applications involving position and/or motion control.

Functionality for cam positioning from an absolute encoder has also been included in the CJ1M.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the whole CJ series is its extremely compact size. Measuring just 90mm high and 65mm deep, the volume the CJ1 units occupy is just 50% of its predecessor, the CQM1H, which was considered very small for its class.

Despite its size, the CJ1M still offers the full compliment of intelligent I/O modules, including analogue I/O, temperature control, positioning control and high-speed counters. Up to 96 of these units can be installed per system, effectively removing any restrictions.

Like the larger CS/CJ PLCs, the CJ1M supports a full range of communication facilities, including up to four Ethernet and four Controller Link cards. Up to sixteen DeviceNet and serial communication units (each supporting two ports) can also be mounted to a CPU, giving a maximum of 34 serial ports.

All the CJ/CS PLCs make extensive use of compact flash memory cards. Using one standard format, these cards can hold complete programs including commenting data, data logging of production data into a .CSV or .TXT file and the back-up of all configuration data.

When the latter features is used, the complete CPU can be replaced without any need for reconfiguring the program or settings, etc.

A new feature of the CJ1M is the ability to create a small data link to up to eight other CJ1M systems through the on-board RS232 ports. The communication system used is the popular NT Link, which has been very effective to exchange data between PLC and operator interfaces.

The ability for some of the nodes in the data link to be operator interfaces has however been retained.

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