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Small PLC has ‘big’ features

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OMRON Electronics has created a new class of full-capability PLCs in a space-saving, micro size package, the CJ1 series of programmable logic controllers.

The CJ1 delivers ‘big’ PLC features such as fast processing speeds, up to 2560 Local I/O and 48000 DeviceNet I/O, and communications network management, in a package that occupies 60 to 40 per cent the panel space of a mid-size PLC.

Each module of the CJ1 measures just 90mm high by 65mm deep, a 40 per cent space-saving over mid-sized PLCs.

Versatile network communications allow the CJ1 full connectivity to Ethernet, Controller Link, DeviceNet, serial and other device-level networks to exchange data and programming. Omron's FINS protocol makes data exchange transparent, regardless of network type.

Programming is via Omron's CX-Programmer programming software that contains utilities and provides a common programming structure across all Omron PLCs.

Flash memory cards hold up to 48MB of programming data to transfer code modifications or loading of recipes quickly for production changeovers.

The rackless CJ1 controller uses simple locking connectors to connect module to module on DIN Rail, reducing hardware costs.

The PC21 bus designed for Omron's mid-sized CS1 provides high-speed communication from the CJ1 CPU to individual modules.

A wide range of input, output, analog, motion and positioning modules are available. Omron Electronics 02 9878 6377.

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