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Slim-line safety light curtains

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OMRON Electronics has released its latest safety light curtain devices, the F3SN range. They are slim in profile, 30mm x 30mm, but include a high degree of functionality allowing them to adapt to the demands of the installation, whilst built to confirm to Category 4 requirements.

The detection distance is 10 metres.

The slim profile of the devices enable them to be installed where space is at a premium. However, this does not compromise their field of operation as protection heights between 189mm and 1822mm are available.

Their modular construction results in Omron being able to offer a large variety of optical resolutions, the F3SN range is available as finger, hand or body protection formats (optical beam pitch of 14, 25 or 40 and 70mm). More than 500 product variations are available.

To further expand the features within the F3SN range, should the application demand, a mobile programming console can be used to set up the following features, fixed blanking, floating blanking and copying of all programmed functions to other F3SN light curtains.

Other functions include auxiliary output, external device monitoring, interlock, start interlock and setting protect.

For setting up, alignment and troubleshooting there are eight LED indicators built into the units. They make installation very straightforward as well as on site operation diagnosis.

These are supported by other indicators, which show the status of functions, output and power and light intensity. Omron Electronics 02 9878 6377.

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