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article image Safety switch with full enclosure shroud.

OMRON Electronics has added several products to its range of safety equipment. These products will be displayed at the Safety in Action exhibition in Melbourne.

New accessories are available for A22E safety switches. The new accessories include two types of shrouds, recessed around the switches with 40mm heads. The shrouds improve the appearance of the switch but do not restrict airflow. They can minimise unintentional activation, reducing unnecessary system interruptions, and can protect the switch mechanism from accidental damage.

The shrouds are available with either full enclosure around the switch or partial enclosure. The former shroud complies fully with both the SEMI S2-0200 and SEMATECH Application Guide standards; the latter shroud complies only partially with these standards.

Spacers are available to determine the amount of protrusion from the control panel, as is a legend plate with black writing on a yellow background.

A new range of compact, non-contact door switches will also be displayed at the show. The D40B switches have no contact between moving parts, minimising mechanical wear and tear. They also have a IP67 rating, allowing them to be hosed down.

The non-contact feature means there is no keying mechanism, virtually eliminating maintenance due to door alignment problems.

The switches are sold as a matching pair (sensor and activator) and have a sensing distance of between 5 and 20mm. Standard, elongated and high-temperature (up to 125°C) versions are available.

All switching units have one or two pole outputs and come with either connectors or prewired. Separate safety controllers are available to maintain the safety rating.

The door switches have a minimum electrical durability of 100,000 operations and comply with several EN/IEC safety standards and have obtained both UL and TUV approvals.

Laser scanners will also be exhibited that can detect moving objects within a 6m radius, and offer advanced warning when objects are within a 7.5m of the scanner. The scanners use two-dimensional detection and monitor distance once the protective area has been entered.

The scanner is a category three safety product that uses a continuously rotating mirror to deflect a pulsated laser beam to detect moving objects within a 300° field of view.

A sliding door guide with a keyed attachment for the door will also be on show. The door switch is mounted in the main body of the unit, which in turn is mounted on the door frame. The door has a keyed lever, which will fit tightly into the main unit.

When the door closes, the key lever will slide into the main unit before the safety switch is made. This will force the door to be properly aligned and prevent spurious triggering of the switch. A separate lever on the main unit must be activated to release the door.

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