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Safety matting for hazardous areas

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article image Omron D9M safety mat.

OMRON has introduced pressure activated safety matting that detects the presence of people on floors in hazardous areas and shuts down machinery to protect them.

The Omron D9M safety mat is useful in locations where it is impractical to install photoelectric sensors, such as sites with many obstacles, height limitations or severe water or dust conditions.

Machinery is stopped when a person is detected and cannot be restarted until the person leaves the danger zone, says Omron safety specialist Rod MacKenzie.

The safety mat conforms to the EN 1760-1 European standards category 3 (with combined controller) and can detect a person weighing 35kg or more.

Mr MacKenzie says covering the entire floor surface of the area with the safety mat can greatly enhance the safety of the dangerous areas in many industries.

Ten sizes of D9M safety mats are available, with various combinations being possible by connecting them in series up to 100m2. All feature washable vinyl construction (IP67), with a bright yellow surface that stands out to reinforce the safety message.

The mats are supplied as standard with reversible different patterns on each side. The check pattern for maximum anti-slip characteristics, and the straight pattern for easy cleaning.

They also have a complete range of accessories from aluminum ramp perimeter trim, uniting trim and prefabricated external and internal corner pieces.

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