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article image Based on open FDT/DTM technology.

OMRON 'S Profibus configuration tool, CX-Profibus, can now be used both for both Profibus masters from Omron for the current CJ1 and CS1 PLC ranges, as well for the Profibus masters in install base PLCs in the C200H family.

Many advanced machines require the use of specialised and often complex devices from diverse manufacturers. Previously solutions required the use of specific third party standalone software to configure, operate and maintain these devices. These might typically have been very different tools, even when they were installed and working on the same Profibus network. CX-Profibus allows all of these features to be included in a single configuration package, by using open field device tool/device type manager (FDT/DTM) technology.

The CX-Profibus configuration tool initially supported Omron's Profibus masters for its compact and modular CJ1 series PLCs and its rack-based CS1 series PLCs. But Omron also has an installed base of C200H series PLCs and has developed a DTM to support the Profibus masters for these controllers. This DTM is now available from Omron's website, and will be delivered with all coming shipments of Omron's CX-Profibus.

Most of the current Profibus-DP slave devices are supplied with a generic slave device (GSD) file. Omron's CX-Profibus uses DTMs for configuration and diagnostics but some devices do not yet come with a DTM. Omron has developed a special Generic Slave DTM. This reads the existing GSD file and converts it into a DTM that is supported in CX-Profibus. The DTM then provides the user interface to display the device's information as defined in the GSD. The DTM also provides a diagnostics interface to the user.

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