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Position detecting miniature tilt switch

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article image Omron's miniature tilt switch.

A TINY lead-free tilt switch from Omron offers high switching reliability within a miniature SMD package, and typically draws just 10μA when fully operational.

The Omron D6B SMD tilt-switch measures just 5.5mm x 5.5mm x 3.75mm but offers two switched outputs, left and right. Both remain high when the device is in a neutral position.

Once the device is tilted beyond the operational angle of 45 to 70 degrees in either the x or y axes, the relevant output switches to a low 0.5V output. Typical return angles for the device are 50 to 20 degrees.

The D6B uses a small magnetic ball that travels up and down an integral "V" groove. This movement and the relative position of the ball is detected by two dedicated hall effect ICs to achieve exceptional miniaturisation while retaining ultra high switching reliability.

It runs from a 2.7 to 3.3 VDC rated supply voltage and can therefore be driven directly from a processor.

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