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Omron's new fully integrated programming software

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CX-One is Omron Electronics' fully integrated programming system. The software within CX-One supports all of Omron's newer PLCs, HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces), networks, Temperature Controllers and other field devices.

Omron has just updated CX-One to v1.1 to provide two main new benefits. The first benefit is that all existing components have been updated. While many of the software packages have only had minor revisions, this still provides a number of resolutions to the end user.

However, a number of software components have undergone more extensive revisions, such as NS-Designer migrating across completely to the CX-Server platform, necessitating a name change to CX-Designer.

CX-Programmer too has been updated to v6.1 and provides a number of invaluable enhancements for PLC programming, including support for the new CP1H series.

The second benefit of CX-One v1.1 is the expansion of its capabilities to include additional software packages. Specifically, CX-Profibus and CX-FLNet expand the network types supported by CX-One.

CX-Motion-MCH is another new package to program high-level Motion Control cards. CX-Drive has also been added - it can transfer parameters between Omron's drives and servos.

An auto-updater has also been added, which allows (registered) users to receive minor enhancements via the web. This feature will continue to be used in the future and will ensure that all customers can be kept up-to-date with the very latest Omron programming software.

Both existing CX-One users and users of older Omron software packages are entitled to respective, low-cost, upgrade packages to CX-One v1.1.

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